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What is Quantum Physics

We have an understanding of how nature behaves from common sense. There is no reason for our common sense to hold at scales much smaller than the scales at which we have commonly observed nature. In fact, at very small scales common sense breaks down, and the nature is described by quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, simple notions like particles cannot be present at two places at the same time, or a cat can be either dead or alive are broken.

Importance of Quantum Physics

A better understanding of quantum mechanics opens the way for developing revolutionary new quantum technologies such as quantum computers, quantum optical systems, discovery of new exotic materials, and development of nanotechnologies. Even a fundamental understanding of nature, from particle physics to a better understanding of the very structure of space and time can come from a better understanding of quantum mechanics.

Even though the applications of quantum mechanics are somewhat understood , its foundations remain mysterious and are not properly understood. This is because quantum mechanics is a probabilistic theory. Probabilities had been used in understanding nature before quantum mechanics, but as an approximation. However, in quantum mechanics nature is fundamentally probabilistic, and the determinism we observe is only an approximation which holds at large scales. It is important to understand such a probabilistic theory, for both technological developments and a better understanding of nature.