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Canadian Quantum Research Center

At CQRC research on all aspects of quantum physics is performed. This involves research into quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, its application to both high energy physics and condensed matter physics, quantum optics and even quantum gravity and string theory.
As quantum mechanics is a fundamentally a probabilistic theory, the mathematical structures used in quantum mechanics can wide applications. At CQRC, these structures will be used in novel ways for important scientific and technological developments. These mathematical structures and the discoveries made at CQRC will also be commercialized. CQRC hopes to bridge the gap between industry and academia, when it comes to research on quantum physics.

The CQRC is situated in Vernon

CQRC Research

Vision & Mission


We aim to promote research in quantum physics and its application. This reach will then be commercialized by forming a bridge between academia and industry. The mathematical structures in quantum mechanics can also have wide applications. So, CQRC will not only help with promoting research on quantum mechanics, but will also help in development and commercialization of the research performed.


To promote research in different aspects of quantum physics. This includes fundamental research, where questions relation to the nature of space and time are discussed. Apart from these fundamental questions research on the application of quantum mechanics for developing new technologies will also be performed at CQRC. These new quantum technologies will be commercialized. The mathematical structures used to understand quantum mechanics can have wider application in many different areas. We will be exploring these new areas where these mathematical techniques can be used.